Pause Into Action Meditation

This is a seasonal meditation exercise to power those dreams into reality that seem stuck, or on hold.  Take about 5 minutes each day to “pause” until spring has “sprung”

  1. Close your eyes wherever you are (except of course when driving), take a few relaxing breaths, tune into your breathing, and become completely relaxed and super aware of the moment.
  2. Let all conscious thought go, become aware of the present – the “now”. Be aware of the sounds, sights smells etc. in the “now”, and be especially aware of your emotions and feelings.
  3. Gently focus upon what you want to attract into your life. Take a moment to visualize your request being fulfilled in the present. See, and/or feel the essence of your dreams turning into a large healthy forsythia bush (or you can use Lilac, or any seasonally budding tree or shrub) in a beautiful garden with healthy plump closed buds, waiting to burst forth into bloom. Know that each bud represents an aspect of your dream which is now getting ready to bloom. Feel the energy of your dream pulsating through each unopened bud paused, waiting for that warm sunny spring day to burst forth into full bloom. After a few moments come out of your “pause” and return to normal/daily activity.
  4. Repeat this process at least once a day, each time seeing those buds a bit more “ripe” gradually showing a hint of yellow. See the stems turning greenish. Feel the roots swelling, gradually day-by-day and feel the forsythia pulsating and bursting with more and more energy, as the bush remains paused, waiting for that warm sunny day to make it burst forth into bloom.
  5. When it feels like the right day, sometime in mid-April, repeat the exercise as usual (though this will be the last time), only this time you feel the energy within the roots, stems and buds teaming with life and energy that is so overwhelming that suddenly, in a flash of white light – like a “big bang”, your forsythia bush bursts open and becomes covered with brilliant, vibrant yellow flowers, and you know, without doubt that the natural pause in your fulfillment of desire has ended and energetically your dreams are being fulfilled. Take a moment to bask in the beauty of fulfillment. Come out of your meditation when ready.
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