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Imbolc Re-turn Meditation


Imbolc or Imbolg is a traditional Gaelic festival which celebrates the beginning of Spring, or the midpoint of Winter. This time is celebrated the first week of February by marking the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Vernal Equinox. Other manifestations of Imbolc are Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day. Celebrations welcome the returning light and warmth, the first signs of life and birth (mother’s milking the first spring babes), fire and forge (creativity). Colors associated with Imbolc are white and red and focus is on spiritual purification and dedication. Do a self purification rite with Elemental tools — cleanse your body with salt (Earth), your thoughts with incense (Air), your will with a candle flame (Fire), your emotions with water (Water), and your spiritual body with a healing crystal (Spirit). All you need is your intention. Bless candles that you will be using throughout the year. Invoke the Maiden Goddess Brigid for creative inspiration. Take a Nature walk and look for the first signs of Spring. Reflect upon and reaffirm spiritual vows and commitments you have made. In addition use this meditation from now until the Spring (Vernal) Equinox on March 20. Take special note of the New Moon in Aquarius on February 15 as an auspicious time to do the above work and to meditate. Continue reading

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One Root Meditation

This meditation is an alternative for the grounding or earthing meditation that you may do as part of a regular spiritual practice:

  1. You may sit or stand with your feet or bottom firmly planted on the floor or Earth’s surface.
  2. Close your eyes and begin to breathe deeply in and out.
  3. Relax each muscle slowly moving from your crown on the top of your head all the way down your face, shoulders, arms, chest, back, stomach, hips, legs and feet. Relax as deeply as you can while continuing to breathe in a slow and rhythmic fashion.
  4. Feel the Earth’s gravity begin to pull on every cell in your body, every muscle, every bone and anchor your feet to the ground. Allow yourself to feel very heavy and solid. Let this solidity align your spine and your mind. The gravity pulls the thoughts away from you now and your mind and body are at peace.
  5. Now visualize one root, one huge communal root, that is under the surface and journeys into the center of our planet. This is the major root that every human, spirit and animal can tap into and it leads to the very core of Mama Earth’s heartbeat.
  6. Next I want you to grow roots down from your lower half of your body and allow these roots to take a unique journey through the layers of Earth before they find the One Root, the major artery.
  7. On the way down feel the elements of earth and water surrounding your roots and breathe the wet, damp earth smell into your body. These two elements of water and earth begin to nourish your cells and cleanse your mind and emotions.
  8. Finally it is time to have your personal roots travel to and wrap around One Root. As they start to spiral around the major root you begin to feel the life force energy that it carries. In your mind’s eye see your roots merge and melt into One Root. As this joining of your life force and the communal planetary life force happens you are struck by an overwhelming sense of Love. You now realize One Root carries the message and vibration of pure love. Spend time being nurtured and loved here.
  9. When you are ready, keep traveling down One Root’s super highway into the center of Mother Earth. Once you reach the crystal core start to notice the brilliant glow of light that exists there. Let that light fill your third eye chakra. Let the color or colors dance around your mind’s visions. Begin to gently rock back and forth as this light glows and flickers and dances. Start breathing it up One Root’s channel, into your roots, and into your body while enjoying the light show in your mind’s eye. Keep breathing in the light and charging yourself with the crystal core glow.
  10. When you are complete know that you have been grounded, cleared and recharged. Open your eyes taking your new shiny, bright glow with you, into your dreams, and out into the world. Remember to tap into One Root’s love anytime you need it and help spread One Root’s love here on the surface of our beloved planet Earth.
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