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The Power of 3

It’s become a bit of a tired routine in recent years, to get all hyped up about a new year, a new beginning, “this one’s going to be better”, only to be disappointed later on by yet another challenging year. This year however your optimism may be warranted. It’s all in the numbers. Add up all the digits in 2019: 2+0+1+9 and you get 12, then add those digits 1+2=3. Three IS the number of optimism and hope ruled by planet Jupiter, where we get the word “jovial”from. Other qualities associated with the magic number 3 are expansion, growth, humanitarianism, benevolence, leadership, fairness, philosophy and higher mind.

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Giving Thanks

As we approach Thanksgiving I’m feeling like it’s the perfect time to be giving the bird some love, so here are a few Turkey Fun Facts:

A turkey’s head and throat can change color according to their moods.

Turkeys form strong social bonds with their family and flock-mates (which can reach numbers as high as 200)

Turkeys can run as fast as 25 mph and fly at up to 55mph

Turkeys have a knack for remembering their territory, which include specific landmarks amidst 1000 acres, even following a year of separation.

Benjamin Franklin advocated that the Turkey, rather than the Bald Eagle, should have been the national bird.

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