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My Time Between The Worlds

I was scheduled for open heart surgery, specifically a Bentall procedure, to repair a large aneurysm as well as the aortic valve and the root of my heart. The plan was to cool the body to repair the large artery leading from the heart to the brain and the arteries that delta out from the aorta. What nobody knew however (as it doesn’t show up on Echos and MRIs) is that this aneurysm had torn several months ago. Now when an aneurysm goes undetected, and continues growing 90% of the time, it will eventually rupture, and if that happens, you’re dead. 10% of the time it tears and if that happens emergency surgery within 24 hours might save you. Mine, however, had completely healed itself!! In my surgeon’s 30 years as a heart specialist he had never seen someone’s torn aorta repair itself, and neither had anyone else in the unit I talked to! This happened right around the summer solstice on a Sunday as I was in a seminar, studying with the brilliant British Medium Colon Bates. Continue reading

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Reflect, Rest and Reboot Meditation

We all go through major cycles and minor cycles. Whichever one you seem to be on, it is always important to reflect back on the period of time you just went through, then rest and allow the information and energy to integrate, and finally reboot. The latter part can be instantaneous or take months. A reboot is a reset of your psyche, your vibration, and your incoming and outgoing signals. Like a new year, you become a new and better you.

Circle of Life


(Tip: Try reading this outloud and record it using a smartphone or computer or recording device. Then listen to it back so that you can fully experience the meditation.) Continue reading

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