Psychic Service Fees

Below is a price list for all of my psychic services. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to my pricing, you can contact me via email and I’d be more than happy to answer your inquiries.

Phone readings (Psychic or Mediumship):

  • $75/ half hour

  • $135/ hour

  • $40/ 15 Minutes (1-2 Questions Only)

Private sessions in Kingston, NY (Psychic or Mediumship):

  • $150/ hour

  • $80/ half hour (Wednesday and Friday only)

  • Prices may vary for sponsored events such as psychic fairs and spiritual bookshops

Group Sessions With Travel

Message Light Party:

Adam will meet with each person of the group to give one-on-one private psychic and/or mediumship readings. These sessions are anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 5 hours long. Readings will occur in a space you provide for the individual’s privacy, while the rest of the group enjoys the gathering awaiting their turn. These sessions are uplifting as Adam works in a positive light vibration to deliver intuitive guidance and messages from loved ones. Each person may choose if they want to include psychic, mediumship or both in their reading. Email us for a price quote.

Spirit Guidance Party:

Adam will meet with your group as a whole to deliver mediumship messages from Loved Ones who have crossed over. As you gather around, Adam will begin to pick up validating evidence of which Spirit Loved One he is with. Member(s) of the group will identify that they can receive this information, and Adam will extend messages from that person in Spirit before moving on. Adam will continue this process of connecting with different Loved Ones who have passed away for a period of 2 1/2 hours. These sessions are joyful reunions to celebrate the circle of life in which all ages may attend. Email us for a price quote.

Great Spirit Party:

This is a combination of the Message Light Party and Spirit Guidance Party. Adam will give each person 15 minute one-on-one private readings followed by a one and a half hour Mediumship Message Circle for the group. The entire experience may be anywhere from 2 1/2 hours to 4 hours long. Email us for a price quote.

Home Circle Party:

Have Adam bring the Home Circle experience to you! We all have psychic and intuitive abilities. Like muscles they need to be exercised. Adam will come to your group to teach Spirit Communication and/or Psychic Development. Each Home Circle Party can be customized to your group’s interests. Learn how to communicate and get messages from Guides, Loved Ones that have crossed over, and Spirit. Develop your personal psychic abilities and combine all of your senses to open up your intuitive channels and chakras through techniques Adam has found to be very insightful. “Home Circles” were practiced in ancient times and are a Spiritualist tradition where participants would gather together after the daily work was done to practice and hone their psychic and mediumistic skills. Whether it be working on seeing auras or tuning into angels; getting messages from numbers or using colors to interpret psychic messages, Adam will put together a fun Home Circle for your party. Home Circle Parties are 2 1/2 hours long. Email us for a price quote.

Power Attunements/Spiritual Coaching:

  • $90 each (50-60 minutes)

Reiki Energy Healing:

  • $90 (60-75 minutes)

  • $25 Distance Reiki Service (includes distance reiki for a specific or general health issue plus a follow up email with intuitive analysis)

Highly Intuitive Child Counseling:

  • $90/ hour


DO YOU KNOW A CHILD WHO IS HIGHLY INTUITIVE? Sees Spirits or Angels? Do they talk about advanced concepts like God, Angels or Past Lives before they can fully talk? Sees Dead People? Or talks to them? Are they unusually shy or sensitive around people? Hyperactive or ADD? Have “imaginary” friends? Talks ot plants and animals? These are just some of the signs that you may know or may be raising a highly advanced psychic child.
I have now begun counseling sessions for highly intuitve children and their guardians. I can help teach them more about their abilities and how to feel safe and empowered rather than afraid of their extra sensory perceptions. I can teach them how to develop their unique gifts and how to turn them on or off at will. I can help both parent and child understand their gifts and what their purpose is in this evolving world. I can bring through loved ones from the other side who they may already be talking to. I can also connect with their Spirit Guides and Angels. I can teach them simple imagination “games” to help them explore they’re divine gifts further. I can also work with teen agers and young adults in similar fashion. We are entering a new age and there is a huge influx of highly advanced souls being born and this is a pattern that has been building for over 30 years now. These are the healers, teachers, mystics as well as the ambassadors, politicians and economists of the “new earth” built upon honor and community rather than greed and separatism. Are you raising one of these advanced beings? Or are they “raising you”? Contact us and find out how I can help. I can do a either single session or ongoing counseling/coaching for both of you. They are our future. Knowledge is power!!!


The following are available for booking upon request and can be customized to meet your needs: Workshops; Classes; Lectures; Fundraisers; Corporate Parties; Small Business Workshops; and Private Circles.

By law readings are for entertainment only.