Renewal Meditation

Partial Eclipse
  1. Deeply relax the body, bring attention to the breath (breath naturally) and all aspects of the present moment.
  2. Further relax, visualize yourself (using all your inner senses) at your favorite place in nature.
  3. Completely relaxed, yet fully alert in all aspects of the present moment, start to visualize and feel a tiny, but intense white/yellow light emanating from within your inner universe deep in the center of your chest (heart chakra).
  4. Still completely relaxed and in the present “Now”, see/feel this light grow larger and stronger until an “inner sun” is shining from the center of your chest, gently warming your entire being.
  5. See, feel this “Sun” gently increasing in size and intensity, warming and illuminating from within, gently burning away what you know longer want or need from your energy fields while renewing every organ, cell and molecule of your body, and see/feel this light radiating outward, renewing all the energy fields around your physical body as well.
  6. Allow yourself to feel invigorated, energized and positive while anticipating all the positive new beginnings that this renewal is bringing. Feel a sense of warmth, health and vitality pervading every cell of your being. Know that you are now energetically preparing for positive new beginnings in your life.
  7. Feeling re-charged and with renewed vitality allow your “sun” to settle back into the heart region, leaving your heart chakra open or closed to a comfortable level. Regain awareness of your physical surroundings, ground (visualize energy roots extending through the soles of your feet planting you deep in the earth) and open your eyes.
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