“Riding the Green Horse” Meditation

  1. Get deeply relaxed by tuning into your breathing and relaxing the body one section at a time
  2. Then count down from 3 to 1 with each count further relaxing you until you are completely relaxed and your mind is free of thoughts. Stay attuned to your breath
  3. Without excess thinking imagine what it would be like to accomplish your most important goal, or live your fondest dream in 2014. Call in your Angels or Guides. Allow yourself to feel  uplifted at the mere thought of manifestation, as well as the energies of your helpful Spirits
  4. Imagine a Green Horse, tall and proud comes into your field of vision.  Allow the horse to stand beside you and mount the majestic being. Notice what you feel in the presence of this grand being.
  5. Allow the horse to take you on a journey through several “scenes”, each one a scene that symbolizes the manifestation of your desire(s).  Let the horse take you to each scene. See yourself in the scene and watch what you are doing, and how you are interacting. You can go to as many scenes as you like. Allow yourself to see with all your senses each scene as if it were happening right now, and allow yourself to feel overwhelming joy that increases from scene to scene.
  6. Finally allow the Horse to take you back to your meditating body. Once you find yourself get off the horse, give your meditating body a hug and re-integrate with it. Count up from one to 3. Visualize roots extending from your lower back or feet and into the ground. Allow yourself to wake up further with each breath. After the 3rd count open your eyes.
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