Sacred Flame Meditation

Before starting this process decide what it is that you wish to create in your life this year. Also decide what aspects of yourself or your life (which no longer serve you) that you wish to burn away. If you understand the meanings of colors you can choose which colors you’d like to work with before you start, or you can allow the colors to come to you intuitively as suggested in the exercise.

Sacred Flame of May

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  1. Go into a deep relaxation. Clear your mind and allow yourself to be present and aware of your breath, your body and your surroundings.
  2. Ask for your Spirit, Your Spirit guides, Your Angels and/or the Divine to assist you in this process.
  3. Imagine a beautiful fire surrounding you. With the help of Spirit choose a color for your flame. (Go with the first color that effortlessly comes to you. You are free to “make up” a color if one doesn’t come to you immediately. You can use more than one color if that is what is offered. The trick is to not think, but rather let it come through you intuitively.)
  4. Visualize the flames burning around you and through you. Notice again what color, or colors the flame is burning. Know that these flames are soft and gentle and that no harm will come to you. Start connecting with everything that no longer serves you at this time of your life, which you wish to burn away. Next visualize what it is you are releasing. Feel it with your body and emotions. Allow yourself to make a strong connection with it. Next – and this is important EMBRACE that experience, circumstance or aspect of yourself that you wish to let go of. Do not think of it as “negative”. Thank it for what it has taught you. Then, with love see and feel the essence of it burn away gently in the gentle yet powerful Beltane fire that surrounds you. Repeat this step for everything you wish to let go of now. Again, this can include emotional tendencies (like fear, anger, lack of confidence, etc) as well as events, memories, unproductive patterns, people, addictions etc. Once you are done with this step of the exercise relax for a moment and enjoy the sensations of being light, unencumbered and free knowing that you have successfully removed the unwanted energies from your auric fields and your life. At this stage imagine that the fire has done its job and allow it to burn out.
  5. Now think about what it is you would like to create in your life.  Visualize another fire, this time burning in front of you instead of around you.  Allow the fire to spontaneously take on one or more colors (if you have not chosen a color ahead of time).  If a color doesn’t come to you within a second then quickly make one up without thinking.  Do this quickly and spontaneously and it will always be the right color to enhance your work.  Within that colored flame visualize or imagine, with all your senses a scene in which the final outcome of your dreams have manifested.  See everything about it.  Next step out of your physical body and step into the fire and start participating in your visualization, feeling the joy of accomplishment, as well as any other positive emotions that come with successful fulfillment.  Stay in that vision for a few moments.

Now step out of the fire and feel yourself safely grounded in your physical body once again.  Give thanks to yourself, The Divine Spirit as well as the Spirits and Angels who are assisting you.  Also give thanks for all the good presently in your life. Know on all levels that energetically you have successfully cleared your energy of challenges and obstacles and have created the outcome of your dreams.  Deepen your breath, make sure you are grounded and present in your body and then open your eyes.

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