Season of Change

October has always been a special time for me. We transition from the beauty of fall foliage to the starkness of the Halloween/Samhain season. The veils between the worlds of the seen and the unseen grow thin and the Spirit world seems that much more palpable. Many cultures around the northern hemisphere celebrate death as an integral part of the cycles of life and in some cultures, like the Celtic traditions, it’s even considered the New Year, recognizing that all new beginnings evolve out of endings, and that death is the true beginning of new life.

It’s been a very powerful and changeable time as of late for many of us who share planet Earth. Certainly a lot of people are going through so much. Growing pains of our human community perhaps? Maybe the disparity between those who seek enlightenment vs. those who, for whatever reason, wish to cling to the old ways of the world that aren’t working, is growing wider, or cling to the “darkness” if you will in fear of change or letting go. But everything has to change…the only constant in our physical universe IS perpetual change.

If there is one thing mediumship has taught me, it is that nobody dies and that death, like life, is really just a state of mind. I’ve learned that our loved ones in Spirit have an important message for us all – “We’re not dead!” Fear of the unknown is the number one thing that holds people back in life. It forces people to play it safe, to choose the safe road even if it’s not a happy path, but without taking appropriate risks in life, there is no change. When fear of the unknown takes hold personal growth is stifled. Fear of change stems from fear of the ULTIMATE change. Death. But nobody dies. That is what the Spirit world wants us to know and every time I do my mediumship work that is the “master message” behind the personal messages. “We’re not dead! And when you ‘die’ you will not be dead either so live your life with faith and courage, take appropriate risks, push the bar, be your own uniqueness..LIVE!!! And when this cycle of life is done we’ll be waiting for you with a hero’s welcome on the other side!”

When you lose the fear of dying you lose the fear of living as they are 2 parts of the same whole. In this season of change, this season when we honor death let us all embrace the change and the new life that awaits on the precipice of courage as we allow those parts of ourselves that no longer serve our highest good to fall away with the autumn leaves.

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