Seven Green Horses (Happy Chinese New Year)

When assessing the energies of a new year, the two things I look to mostly for guidance are numerology and Chinese Astrology. I figure the Chinese have been doing this for thousands of years and are on to something and well…numbers never lie. 2013, for example, was the year of the Water Snake and a 6 year in numerology so I expected a lot of shedding of skin and looking for new ways to evolve so we can be of better service for one another, as well as the Earth. I anticipated that this would bring about “hidden enemies” as well as other obstacles both on a personal/emotional as well as on a global level. I knew this was not to be an easy year for many folks and that many would start uncovering the sources of their unhappiness. I also felt that the concept of serving others to serve ourselves would be put into greater practice in most of our lives last year, and sometimes with mixed results.

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Enter now into 2014, a numerological 7 year and the Year of the “Wood Horse” (or Green Horse). #7 give us an easier flow than 6 as we dive deep into the Neptunian energies for greater opening into our Spiritual truths. The vibrations become spiritually heightened leading to greater growth for some and a new found interest in spirituality for others. Add to that the element “Wood”, or tree which extends Earth up towards Heaven (Spirit) and grows and bares fruit as well as the Horse which lends power, freedom and opportunity and voila; our changing planet along with her changing inhabitants now have an opportunistic year to grow deeper into its spiritual roots for answers. Though this year won’t be without it’s issues, obviously the timing suggests that we may have a bit of a “lighter year” than the last 2 in regards to our own personal dramas as well as world/political unrest, but #7 (ruler of Neptune) can be a powerful task master in its own right and it demands us to swim beneath the surface to find our truths and answers for now it is our spiritual lives that become our ultimate paths for success and if we start to stray from our spirit, the illusory nature of Neptune will have a way of turning around and biting us in the you know where.

Relative to the last few years, this year may be a bit of a “rest” in the frenetic change our planet is undergoing, only to be followed by a very active 2015-2018. It is a year where a lot of spiritual growth will take place and all your inner endeavors will get a boost as many new people will start to turn to spirituality for answers. There will be charlatans however, and we must take care not to let ideology interfere with our common sense. Misleading people, as well as deceptive practices in our government will be exposed more easily this year leading to a different sort of upheaval and challenge. At times it may be best to simply listen to your heart before acting. Health will be an issue for some under these refined and sensitive energies and paying attention to healthy living practices will become important this year. And finally, manifestation work will get a boost as the Horse will help us become more intuitively aware of our own unique powers and gifts, as well the element of wood (or “green”) can help with money related issues while helping us find our power to succeed. A great year is at hand if you are able to work synergistically with Spirit to delve beneath the surface of life to learn more about your own true divine nature as you move forward toward creating your ideal life.

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