Solar Attunement Process

Spirit Tree

1. Sit up in a comfortable meditation posture and completely relax

2. Visualize the beautiful sunshine directly overhead

3. Visualize the sun lowering now, until it sits directly over the center of your head (in your crown chakra). Let the sun illuminate and open the space above and at the top of your head

4. Allow the sun to lower into your third eye (Either see this visually or imagine this. See the sun shining out of your third eye clearing and illuminating in all directions. See if you can feel the warmth of the sun vibrating out of this chakra). Visualize/imagine the sun totally lighting up any “dark spots” or crevices around this region. Know that “darkness” represents the unknown or the subconscious and as the sun illuminates these spots, you are shining the light of consciousness into spaces which may contain past traumas or fears that have been hidden for years. Take another moment to gage how you are feeling and what impressions are coming to you. What messages do the “dark spots” have for you as they experience their first rays of sunshine.

5. Allow the “sun” to move down into your throat center then repeat step 4 using the throat as the point of illumination instead of the 3rd eye. Remember to check in with how you feel emotionally, energetically, physically and listen for messages.

6. Bring the Sun down into your heart chakra. Repeat step 4.

7. Bring the sun into the solar plexus. Repeat step 4.

8. Allow the sun to move into the sacral chakra deep within your belly at or slightly below the naval.  Repeat step 4.

9. Now bring the sun into your root chakra at the base of the spine and repeat step 4.

10. Now allow your entire body to become the Sun. Feel as if you are all light and that nothing is hidden from your view. Shine your light in all directions illuminating everything and everyone around you.

11. Finally let the light dissipate in your vision allowing your chakras to remain open or closed to a comfortable level. Take a couple deep breaths. Ground, center and then open your eyes.

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