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Hudson Valley OrbsIt’s been about a week now since I sat at an all night meditation circle with my favorite Shaman, a world renown healer from Peru. His recent visit lined up nicely with my birthday so I jumped on the opportunity to sit in his energy one more time. In circle the Shaman  drummed and sang sacred songs; he raise the vibrations and give “limpias”, a form of shamanic healing for the participants. Sometimes the participants would experience visions and powerful shifts during these circle, but mostly the benefits would go unnoticed until days or even weeks afterwards. Several hours into the ritual I started feeling very ill as unwanted energies were being pulled from my aura by the “allies”, or Spirit Guides that work with the powerful  shaman. My heart became especially open during this process. I became overwhelmed by emotions, feeling the sadness and despair of the world around me, especially those of my neighbors who were already flooded out twice during Tropical Storms Irene and Lee and who were sitting on pins and needles during another night of heavy rain. I felt like I had to weep for millions of my brothers and sisters around the world couldn’t cry and that became all too intense. Sensing me the shaman came over to (telepathically) assure that he was watching over me and that I was going to be OK.   When the first light of morning broke, and the circle did the same I experienced another bout of intense sadness, feeling the state of the world and realizing how difficult it is today for so many people – as the earth spins and shifts, and more and more people face tougher and tougher times.

Earth changes! The best of times?  The worse of times? I went back into a meditation before finally getting some well earned rest and a group of  Shamanistic Spirits I call “The Counsel of Elders” came to me as they often do when I work with indigenous peoples of the Americas and this is the message they gave me to pass on to you:

“We are entering the core of the “earth changes” now. This is a very challenging, but an important, in fact monumental step in your human evolution. These will not be easy times for many and everyone, in some way will feel the effects.

Your jobs as “light workers”, shamans, intuitives etc. is simply to hold space for mother earth. That’s it. As a community we can see these changes through without calamity, but there will be much adjustment and change, and you must be willing to let go. Holding space simply means remaining connected to an honoring your mother earth, celebrating the gift of Spirit with your brothers and sisters and keeping the ways of the wise alive so that we may herald in a new age, a “New Earth”.  Hold “the line of strength” now. We are here to help.  We can do it. HELP each other. SUPPORT one another. People will be suffering like they never have and will not know where to turn. A simple smile may be worth more than you will ever know.”

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