Spring In a New World

During this winter’s “re-adjustment” I found that I’ve needed to be in a quieter space and allow my bodies (physical and etheric alike) to adjust to the new frequencies on the planet. Alas, with the coming of the spring equinox it feels like a shift is completing now, we are all coming out into the light, and sharing in this amazing, yet bumpy, journey called life. The equinox is a time of renewal and as we emerge into the light half of the year many blessings open up to us. In many ancient traditions there are special seasonal rituals for rebirth and renewal, which is why the egg carrying the seed for new life is such an important symbol.

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The Christian’s version of Easter, celebrating “resurrection”, uses eggs as an important symbol but in other traditions, including the Celtic version of the Vernal Equinox (known as Estre or Ostara), these powerful symbols of new life  are used for celebration and ritual. This is a great time to attract new things into your life and as you color your eggs for your spring holidays be mindful of the power of colors, for each color represents a different intention.  For instance, red is for energy and passion, and green is for money and healing. Color your eggs with your intentions in mind, use them in your prayers, and you will send a powerful intention out into the universe that will help you to attract your desires and create them in your life.

This year the Equinox is coming on the heals of a powerful Mercury retrograde. Retrogrades in general are good times to take a step back, observe what is going on in your life and to make revisions or changes to create more positive outcomes. During this time, I felt like I was in a bubble of sorts, insulated from the challenges that face the world today but as soon as Mercury went direct, the stark reality hit me like a ton of bricks and I could see more clearly then ever. I saw how we must come together as a spiritual community and work together to help enlighten our planet, which quite frankly is in serious trouble. It all hit home the very day Mercury stationed as I saw hundreds of chem-trails in the sky. They were literally creating overcast conditions, probably as part of the geo-engineering project. It starts with the empowerment of the individual. This in turn creates enlightened, Spirit centered community which will help reverse the global damage wrought by ignorance. It will teach our brothers and sisters how to live as one. My small part in this effort is a spiritual self-help and coaching methodology I created called Power Attunements. It has been very successful in the experimentation phase and I am excited now to be offering my first online Power Attunements group in April.  May we all do our part to raise awareness, help save our planet, and help humanity to evolve. Even if you simply dedicate yourself to raising your personal awareness alone, it will have a huge positive effect for everyone.  May we now begin to move swiftly to create enlightenment and change on our planet as we tip into the light on equinox day for the first time since our old world “ended” on 12/21/2012.

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