Tales From the Crib

Photo credit: heartscenter.org

Photo credit: heartscenter.org

Though it’s been a very busy week with readings and public events it’s been relatively uneventful in the grand scheme of things so with a day off today I have returned to my writing.  Being “the busiest psychic in the Hudson Valley” is great of course but it limits my free time and I’ve had a book in progress for over a year now. The interesting thing is that I started writing this with the idea that I would create a book of training exercises of sorts to help the psychic children own and develop there skills. I was coming from the perspective that you don’t have to be born psychic to develop professional quality skills, however, the sheer act of writing started opening up memories of early childhood which totally belied the notion that I was not a “born psychic”.

Before age 5 or so I was seeing spirits, sensing energies, and recalling past lives all the time. These surfacing memories forced me to change my book around some to it’s present form; a series of short stories written in “diary style” about some of the crazy psychic experiences I’ve had growing up.  This, I hope, will help the growing number of psychic/spiritually advanced children in the world today along with the parents that they are “raising”. The more I do this work the more passionate I become about wanting to help today’s young people embrace and develop their gifts as if the future of our planet depends upon it, because it does. Here’s a brief story from “Spirit and Me” to give you an idea:

I’d say it was between 6-9 months of age when I started seeing energy fields as color and pattern  and I started learning to recognize people by their energy fields, or “vibrations” both through psychic seeing (clairvoyance) and sensing (clairsentience). I learned  around this time that I could recognize people’s moods by their vibrations and I learned how to tell who was nice and who I should stay away from. As I got a tad older peoples moods, or mental states often  appeared to me as colors. Child PsychicChild PsychicFor example, when my father got angry I started seeing scarlet red around him, and when my mom held me during one of those good moments the energy all around turned ocean blue-green; when my older brother became jealous of my extra attention a greenish gray feeling would come around me, and when my parents disapproved of me the energy around them would become an unpleasant yellowish orange color which had a way of “scorching” my solar plexus. This color I would see quite often during my early childhood.  I still really liked making circles and shapes with my hands though but by this age I had to do it in private. I liked it more than ever in fact because I could actually see the energy I created by my circling hands as kaleidoscopic trails of  colors. I also started learning around this time that I could not only create energy trails with my hands but that I could actually make the colors shoot out of my fingertips. Once I learned that I could point my finger and send the energy over distances, I started shooting colors at unwitting pedestrians while I was being pushed around in my stroller. This quickly became my new favorite game. It was an awful good time for me and unwitting pedestrians alike I really got a kick out of watching the people’s reactions. Some people didn’t react at all, or pretended to ignore me while others got startled, and some even got a bit spooked. Mostly people thought this finger pointing was very cute and it earned me lot’s of extra attention.

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