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Today I was gifted with an unexpected day off as well as unforecasted fair weather so I headed up to Lake Minnewaska in New York for some sun and Yoga. As I was preparing for my Kriya I started thinking about my new blog site, and started asking myself: what is it that I really want to share with my readers? What type of information do I want to convey? How can I best use my blogs to help others discover the amazing gifts of Spirit that have made such a positive difference in my life and how can I best inform and enlighten the public in a way that is fun and entertaining? And then the answer came to me to just keep it simple and share snapshots of this wonderful journey called life. After all isn’t that that what blogging is all about? The message I received was that by simply sharing elements of my journey as a Psychic, a Medium, a Healer, an Empowerment Coach, a Shaman, a father and a man, I will inspire my readers to connect more deeply with Spirit themselves, and improve their lives in much the same way I have improved mine. So for this, my second blog,  it seems appropriate that I share a little bit of the last 2 years, the most transformative period of my entire life.

I have been actively pursuing my Spiritual path for 33 years now, but it’s only within the last 2 that I have finally discovered the true essence of Spirit and what that really means.  In 2 short years I have completely purged myself of anxiety/depression disorder that was at times dibilitating. I have not “managed” this disease. I have cured it. I have also cured myself completely from the disease of addiction (and am the only member of my family to ever do so).  I am in process of curing myself from an “incurable” physical condition as well which has had a profound impact on my life since infancy (though that is not compete yet but we’re getting there).   I have shifted from being a shy, quiet person to one who confidently leads seminars, and speaks in public.  I have opened my heart and my voice, and my energy fields are clear and flowing smoothly.   From the moment I wake up to the moment I fall asleep at night I feel my spine vibrating, and I feel surges of divine energy flowing through me and around me.  I wake up in the morning feeling happy and excited about my life when just a couple short years ago I routinely awoke to feelings of fear and dread.  In just two short years I have transformed myself from a person shut down to one who is an open conduit for Spirit to manifest and become consious of itself.  I feel connected to everyone and everything and I am one with all.

There are many tools and practices that went into creating this personal transformation.   I could say that maybe 10% of it was due to my Mediumship practice.   Maybe another 10% from my dedicated Kundalini Yoga practice.  Perhaps another 10 from Suzy Meszoly’s high frequency channeling circles; another 10 from meditation,  10% from Martial Arts training and yet another part from sitting in circles with shamans, healers and mystics.  I could sum up all these important pieces of my metamorphic puzzle, pat myself on the back and say “job well done” but the truth is that at least 80% of this change was born out of intention and intention alone for without that none of this other stuff would have even mattered.  For me real change didn’t even start until I took responsibility for my own challenges and stopped looking outside myself, or blaming others for my problems.    When I started to realize that consciously or otherwise I created my entire “mess” with all it’s parts and players I also started to realize that I have the power to create a different reality, born out of love and joy rather than from fear and lack.  If this is starting to sound like the “Law of Attraction” to you, well it is, but I’m not a “rules guy” and I don’t like the word law – so perhaps The “Way” of Attraction would be more apt.  At any rate whatever you call it,  a simple paradigm shift has made an epic difference in my life, and it can in your’s too.

This is how I did it:  First and foremost I dedicated myself to my meditation practice while continuing to develop my ablities in Spirit Communication.  I augmented that with Yoga and other forms of spiritual discipline.  This enabled me to connect more intimately with my true authentic self (Spirit) which led to the discovery that Spirit is the ultimate source of all joy as well as overflowing abundance.  It’s one thing to read about this in a book but to experience it energetically is completely different, and in my case life changing.  Upon this realization it became obvious to me that if I am not experiencing love, joy and abundance in my life, which is the very essence of who I am than I must be in some way blocking it.  So I researched;  I discovered ways to change my mental programming and through application of techniques such as affirmations, visualization, prayer, meditation and shamanic ritual I started to change my life.  My most astounding discovery was that as I worked with these tools resistances, and sometimes pain started showing up in my body and mind, which made these practices very difficult at times. But as I worked and pushed through them the source of my blockages, and the suppressed traumas which prevented me from living my life with the joy and abundance which is my birthright became revealed.  Imagine that, being my own best therapist from simply working toward attract positive things into my life!  Once these points of resistance became identified I applied special techniques to remove them from my body and energy fields and in turn I started  healing from deep psychological, as well as physical disorders thus enabling me to start creating a flow of abundance and joy, along with a profound connection with Spirit which is still building as I write today.

Today, through my work I can help others reclaim their power as I have reclaimed my own.   I can also know that I am now a great role model for my son and he can know that I am a strong, healthy man abundant who’s honest, loyal, impeccable and in great shape physically, mentally, emotionally and Spiritually.  He can now look at the beloved and respected Spiritual Teacher, acclaimed Psychic Medium and Power Attunements Coach and proudly say “That’s my Dad”.   It doesn’t get any better than that.

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