The Magic Tree Meditation

Before you begin think about everything you are working towards manifesting this year

  1. Get deeply relaxed by finding a comfortable position, tuning into your breathing and relaxing your entire body. 
  2. Feel the presence of your abundance angel(s) by your side
  3. Think about all which you wish to create in your life one thing at a time. Starting with your first wish create a scene in your mind that best represents the outcome of that desire. Feel the joy that you would achieve by creating the outcome of your desire.  Then (with your vision and emotions activated) ask your angel to help give you the image of a fruit to represent that goal.  Then ask her to help you give that fruit a color.  It doesn’t have to make sense (you can get an orange apple or a pink blueberry).  Be spontaneous and have fun with the exercise.  Get your colored fruit quickly and without thought.   Then repeat this process for each of your other wishes until you have several colored fruits, each one representing a different wish.
  4. Once you have assigned a colored fruit to all your wishes start to visualize a full grown tree somewhere next to your home.  See that tree heavy with mature ripe fruits.
  5. As you look more closely at your tree notice that there are a variety of colored fruits growing on that tree that match the ones you created in Step 3 (to represent your dreams)
  6. In your mind start eating the fruit.  As you eat each one allow yourself to feel the positive emotions imbued in each fruit and visualize the positive images that represent the outcome of your desires.  Make this step as joyful as possible.  Remember to eat at least one of each variety of colored fruit.
  7. When you are done “eating” thank your Angel for her assistance.  Know that you have ingested the essence of your prayers and that you have become powerfully magnetic to you desired outcomes.
  8. Start to deepen your breath, ground and center and come out of the meditation when you are ready
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