The Miracle of the Angels Contest: 3rd Runner Up

Upon contemplating on the miracles and angels in my life I kept on remembering more encounters. Not necessarily on a physical realm but asking god a question and thenseeing the answer verbatim on a sign or a card left on my car and only my car…very thought provoking and always steered me on the right path. 

Once when I was very upset I had the most amazing encounter ever. I had just moved back to NY from living in the amazing city of Paris and working well as a model. I had moved back to the States for a boyfriend and to pursue acting but things were beginning to turn sour. The boyfriend was being abusive and was a drain on me emotionally and financially. I had just blown a audition for what could have been a breakout role for me because I had spent the night before fighting with this boyfriend. On top of that it was a gloomy rainy fall cold day in the city and not a cab to be seen and I was late for a class. I thought to myself in these exact words.. “this life is so unacceptable now and what the hell am I doing here and how can I escape?

I looked up and down sixth ave and not a empty cab at all I heard a beep and there in front of me was a cab and was waiting for me..could have sworn it wasn’t there just a second ago..weird but I got in grateful to get out of the rain and cold, I was shivering and wet. When I got in it was very cozy and smelled like a temple or church. There was a partition and all I could see of the cabbie were these amazing liquid brown eyes of a older man. He asked me how I was and I just grunted “miserable”. He then ensued with a twenty minute lecture that left me speechless and shaken to the core..He said verbatim” you know what is wrong with you, “ you don’t accept and if you could just find the gratitude in your wisdom and path in this moment you wouldnʼt have toescape..”

That was his first sentence which echoed word for word my thought as I was on the street. After that he went on to give me a profound sermon on Acceptance and gratitude that I try and live by to this day. What really let me know he was a angel was that when I got out of and paid him with shaking hands he rolled down the window as he was driving away and said and remember “God loves you” and he said my name which is a very unusual name and he pronounced it right as well! I stood there crying and also had a renewed sense of peace and knowing that yes God loves me and it will all be great. I carry this knowing that I am being watched and helped constantly through so many tough times and also through all the good ones too. Yes one of my angels was NYC cabbie!


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