The Next Breath

It’s funny how you can be on a Spiritual path and be doing all these amazing practices and trans-formative meditations for years and receive little in the way of noticeable results, and then one day out of the blue you have an unexpected life altering revelation. That is exactly what happened to me this past Tuesday during a well earned day off.

It was a sunny, hazy and mild November day on the Shawangunk Ridge with the late autumn gold clinging to a small smattering of trees.  During my hike I started doing a walking meditation by being conscious of every step and engaging in my “Power Attunements” process (a personalized mindfulness mediation adapted from a process described in Eckhart Tolle‘s book “The Power of Now). Then all the sudden, without thinking about it I started to apply a very subtle energy lock (from Yoga practice) during my exhales and found that by doing this subtle movement I was suddenly able to exhale more deeply and completely than I have ever done in the past. Also I was able to energetically direct the universal energy through me and into the ground, releasing old energy with each exhale more efficiently than what I had experienced previously.  These 2 things started happening suddenly and effortlessly.  Up until that moment my exhales were for the most part incomplete and I had been unable to completely let go of old stuff and fully release as a result. When Spirit showed me this “new breath” I had the “aha” moment and realized that from that moment on I was going to be able to take more complete exhales and old patterns and energy would start to naturally release more easily and that my health and energy would start improving.  Not bad for an otherwise non-eventful Tuesday afternoon.

Breath is the bridge to Spirit and how you breath directly effects your energy, your perceptions, your connection with Spirit and your health. Thanks to my Yoga practice I already use more of my lung capacity than the average person, and my health is better than most people half my age, but now I am taking full and more complete exhales now, and I’m feeling the old energy toxins and patterns already releasing. Where this takes me from here should prove very interesting. Stay tuned…

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