The Power of 3

It’s become a bit of a tired routine in recent years, to get all hyped up about a new year, a new beginning, “this one’s going to be better”, only to be disappointed later on by yet another challenging year. This year however your optimism may be warranted. It’s all in the numbers. Add up all the digits in 2019: 2+0+1+9 and you get 12, then add those digits 1+2=3. Three IS the number of optimism and hope ruled by planet Jupiter, where we get the word “jovial”from. Other qualities associated with the magic number 3 are expansion, growth, humanitarianism, benevolence, leadership, fairness, philosophy and higher mind.

It’s no secret life’s been challenging for most. If anything 2018 was the most challenging of them all for many despite the fact it was an eleven year of elevation, spirituality and learning. Part of it stems from the times we live in. Personal acceleration is apparent in consciousness and human evolution. It is an upgrade of energy we are experiencing now as a unified consciousness, but as individuals we process the energy upgrade very differently. For many, especially the more spiritual who are sensitive to the shifts, there have been growing pains as we expand both energetically and consciously. Some spiritual thinkers believe that we are shifting from 3 dimensional reality into a more evolved 5D matrix. However this can be explained in scientific or metaphysical terms, we are all having individual experiences based upon an upgrade of collective consciousness. The idea is to grow spiritually as individuals and to understand how to be present and allow the energies to flow smoothly through us and around us without resisting. This is so our bodies, nervous systems and energy fields can strengthen and handle higher levels of light so we can move into higher energies and consciousness seamlessly. However we humans are conditioned to resist change and fear the unknown thereby resisting the upgrades so many of us got kicked in our spiritual butts in the 11-year 2018.

In 2019 we have an opportunity to learn to play and have fun again; to learn non-resistance through lightening up and embracing new growth and new learning with enjoyment and laughter. This way if we do carry any fear into the new year we can learn to laugh it off and just revel in the joy of being. In the grander scheme of things the energetic influence of #3 will also help those in power accept new ways of thinking and embrace science and technology as a tool of growth and positive change. It’s humanitarian edge can help create positive social change and the fairness aspects can help balance some of the challenges with society and governments in general. It is the “blue ray” which brings with it greater awareness and energetic upgrades and we are only just beginning to unlock the secrets behind our own existence.

I know we’ve said it every New Year for but this year there really is a reason to be optimistic. It’s all in the numbers.

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