Thoughts on 9-11-11

I was up early Sunday morning preparing for my long drive to Long Island to do a full day of readings at a special Psychic Fair for 9/11. As I began my journey amidst the haze of the overcast morning, I started thinking about the likelihood of connecting with someone who passed in the unfortunate events of ten years prior. Then I started remembering my personal journey on 9/11/01, the day that everything changed.

The Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains as seen from Overlook Mountain (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

I had just moved to the Catskills from downtown Manhattan in response to a strong feeling from Spirit that I needed to get my 1 year old son out of New York City. I awoke on that clear and bright morning anticipating the start of a glorious week at the beach to enjoy a well earned vacation. When we were about to leave for our trip I flipped on the Weather Channel right as they were announcing that an airplane had just struck the World Trade Center. In disbelief I then flipped on the news and right at that precise moment I saw the 2nd plane hitting the tower live. 

I thought to myself, “This can’t be real, it must be an ad for a movie.”, but it was real, all too real.

Then upon learning that the city was locked down I knew I wasn’t going anywhere that day, so I watched the news, and cried thinking about the people in harms way and I heard about all the brave souls who went in to help. I knew that the world had just changed forever. It was so surreal. I called my friends in Manhattan and got more updates. Time stood still; and so did I. I could feel the pain and confusion. My home town was in crisis, and the world watched, and waited…

At the psychic fair on 9/11/11 I did make connections with a couple of souls who’s earth life abruptly ended on that fateful day. After delivering their personal messages to my clients they had told me how they worked together, and helped one another through the process of crossing over, just like those of us on earth pulled together to bring about some positive results from such a terrible disaster. They asked us to have faith and to come together in community, and for those of us who are connected to keep teaching and practicing the ways of love.  They said that we have learned something in the last 10 years and that they did not die in vein, but we still have a long, long way to go.

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