Violet Flame Meditation

*For refinement and attunement to the higher vibrations of 2013, try this meditation.

Solar violet flame

Do it as often as you feel. Work up to 10-20 minutes (or more) per sitting. This is a somewhat advanced process for those serious about spiritual ascension. If you feel strange, anxious or overwhelmed while engaged in this meditation process stop, refocus on your breath and place your hands on the floor and send energy into the earth through your hands, or ground/center in whatever way is familiar to you. This process is safe but the increase in energy it causes can be slightly altering and/or uncomfortable for some.

  1. Deeply relax, focus on your breathing.
  2. Once you are in a meditative state start to become aware of your navel area, or slightly below your navel in the center of your belly (sacral chakra).
  3. Visualize a soft violet flame gently burning in that region.
  4. With each breath let the flame grow larger and brighter until (in your mind’s eye) the flame is gently burning from your navel throughout your entire being and aura. Allow the flame to remain white or violet; gently but effectively burning away energetic “impurities” and/or layers of experience which may be preventing your natural energies from flowing freely in the soft fires of embrace.
  5. Once you see/feel all inhibiting energy burned away from your physical and energetic bodies thank these energies for all they’ve taught you, then take a moment to feel the lighter, more refined vibration flowing within and around your body and “light body“.
  6. If you’re more advanced you can use this energy frequency to help heal yourself and others (telepathically) if you choose and Spirit allows. You can visualize the “violet flame” spreading outward from your body in all directions refining the energies in the world around you.
  7. Slowly come out of the exercise by deepening your breath, re-connecting with your body, sending energy from your feet or base of spine into the earth then open your eyes.
  8. Say a prayer of gratitude to Spirit, your body and Mother Earth.


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