Wake of the Flood

Flooding Creek in the Catskills

Tiny creek turned raging

[“What I find most beautiful about you (humans) is that you are at your very best when things are at their very worse” (from the movie “Starman”)]

Now that the wind is gone, the floodwaters are receding, the power is back on and life is starting to return to it’s pre-Irene pace we can all take a deep breath, assess the damage and thank Spirit for our safety. However, with Hurricane Katia looming large in the mid-Atlantic nobody here is breathing a sigh of relief quite yet…

In the days leading up to Irene’s final landfall in New York City I was busy getting the word out. Being a psychic who knows a thing or 2 about weather I felt it was my job to inform the public of what was to come so that the people could prepare. For days leading up to the event I blogged on Face Book, and sent out newsletters making predictions about the storms future strength, path and impacts that were more accurate than those of the National Weather Service. I asked people to not buy into the hype and fear of the media but at the same time to understand that even though I was predicting a tropical storm at landfall rather than a hurricane, this would still be a very large and dangerous storm. One capable of producing flooding to the likes that many have never seen before, which would be coupled with 24 hours of 50 mph winds; more than ample to topple trees on saturated ground.

As the storm approached Saturday night and I felt it’s first breaths I could feel it’s life, it’s power, and although I knew there would be suffering and turmoil it felt cleansing and healing to me at the same time. Big storms have always been a source of awe and inspiration for me and the huge tropical system baring down on us had me super-charged. I fell asleep late that night to the screeching winds and heavy rains but felt safe in nature’s arms in spite of the large bending trees threatening our home.

Fallen tree in the Catskills

The morning after: Una and fallen branch

I awoke the next morning to the sight of huge trees and large branches covering the ground that was once my driveway. Then when the sun returned in the afternoon, and another round of very strong winds blew through I could feel a divine sense of cleansing, like the wind and water had washed away the old, and a wonderful new beginning was afoot. Everything felt clean, fresh and alive. It was an amazing feeling, like the land I love so dearly, along with all of her life became reborn during the howling tempest.

My euphoria was short lived however, as I started finding out what was happening on the other side of the mountain. Homes were being washed away by raging floodwaters. Rooftop rescues were going on; there was panic, mayhem and desperation as some folks lost everything. Everywhere within 30 miles of me lost electricity, and hundreds if not thousands of trees were toppled. Power lines were down. Telephone poles were snapped. It looked like a war zone.

I felt very lucky. Our generator was working and we could enjoy the modern convenience of electricity while our neighbors remained in the dark. Once we sawed, hacked and cleared our driveway and the roads became marginally passable we started checking on neighbors. We became very popular in the 4 days the power was out by offering our shower, drinking water and basic supplies for those who needed. Today I started donating canned food, and got some info on how to volunteer in the efforts to dig out our communities that were left underwater by the storm. For next weekend, or the following one we are planning a benefit for storm victims by doing psychic readings, spiritual counseling and energy healing for free. We will also collect donations for the storm victims as well. Amidst the turmoil it’s great to see the sense of community around me. My neighbors in the Catskill Mountains are a resilient bunch and we will all pull together, help one another and move on.

When events like this happen it reminds me of just how tenuous life really is, and how a single event like a storm or an earthquake can change everything. Yet another reminder that there really is no “security” when it comes to our physical lives because everything we have and are will one day end. Our only true security lies within our own Divine Spirit, which is permanent, indestructable, and will never die.

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