When the Veils Are Thin

During the Halloween and Samhain season it is said that the veils between the worlds of the physical and spiritual are at their thinnest. Therefor public/group mediumship should be easier this time of year, right? Well it’s not always that simple. Sometimes thin veils means more spirits and when you have a crowd in front of you with many spirits around them already, add three or four extra per person and what can result is “mayhem”. I like it when the readings in a group flow from one family to the next but sometimes they all come in at once – a phenomena I refer to as the “psychic free for all”, something that seems all too common come later October. This happens in 2 primary ways, one is when someone starts getting hesitant with the information I am receiving. At that point of the reading other spirits assume that they are done and see it as an “invitation” to interrupt the messages to talk to their living loved one, which is fine (and at that point I will tell my audience that I am “switching”) but when the veils are thin I might have 5 or 6 of them compete for my attention coming through to interrupt a message instead of 1 or 2. All at the same time! That can get a bit overwhelming. Then the other form of “psychic free for all” is commonly known amongst mediums as “piggybacking”. Say I pick up on a father energy named John who passed from a heart attack for one of the sitters – a “piggyback” would mean that another spirit connected with a different family who also happened to be named John, who also passed from the heart may recognize this identifier and ride the energy through, essentially “piggybacking” the first John. Again, this is fine and common but when the veils are thin EVERY John in the very crowded room who had a condition remotely connected to the heart may try to piggybacking the first spirit essentially burying the original John. This makes for some interesting mediumship, and yes the Spirits are strongest now with the thinner veils but sometimes working around this time of year requires a bit more patience from medium and attendees alike. Anothe benefit to the thinning veils is that spirits can more easily appear in the physical environment making their presence known in a more palpable way and also people who are not necessarily mediumistic might have unexpected visitations, or feel the presence of the spirits around them more easily. If this is happening to you try meditating and asking them what they have to say, then with a cleared mind trust the very first thing that you get.

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