Lights On The Path: A Question of Balance

“Somewhere in between light and dark, hot and cold, day and night is the place of balance where Spirit comes alive, and we recognize that finding Spirit and creating success in life always has been and always will be “A Question of Balance” -Adam Bernstein

It’s the first day of fall; The Autumnal Equinox. Apples, crisp cool air, brilliant foliage, Power Attunements Spiritual Coaching…? Power Attunements??

Autumn Equinox
This was not planned at all, at least not by me, but my very first Power Attunements group meeting has coincided with the equinox as it just happened last Wednesday! Interesting because we are now entering the dark half of the year, and my system of spiritual coaching deals primarily with the “dark” aspects of consciousness, or that part of mind which tends to be hidden. It is also the time of the year of balance, and Power Attunements seeks to find the balance between Spirituality and mundane reality as a union for empowered living. Wed. Sept. 19 was a very bright “Light on the Path“; an unveiling of sorts as I have been working on my Power Attunements coaching for several years now, developing and fine tuning it. Although it will always be a “work in progress”, changing with the times, I now have what I would consider a finished product; one that I feel is destined to help tens of thousands in the years to come.

As I was presenting the information at my first meeting to the group of 11, I have to admit being a bit nervous (performance anxiety is something that Power Attunements training has helped me with immeasurably) as I did not know what the response would be as many of the concepts belie conventional thinking and my training methods are foreign to most. Everybody responded favorably however, and everybody seemed to benefit from the life changing guided meditation I offered (one of the “7 Treasures of Power Attunements”).
Whether I am working as a Psychic Medium, a teacher or a spiritual coach I feel like I’m on a mission of sorts to serve Spirit, and I receive my elevations by simply passing the gifts along. I know when I’ve done a good job because I feel uplifted and happy after I’m done. I’m very excited to see where this new journey takes me, and how many others will share the journey with me. Happy Autumn Equinox!

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