Lights on the Path: The Wheel

Another Birthday.  Another personal “New Year”.  My years are “numbered” – literally! As a numerologist I recognize how powerful numbers really are as after all, everything in the physical universe can be measured by numbers, including years. By calculating the sum of your month and date of birth with the current year you can know exactly what number each year is for you as well as what it means for your life’s progress. Though  it begins on New Years Day energetically you start your new numbered year on your personal New Year – your birthday.  This year on Sept. 24 I transitioned from a #1 year of new beginnings, wholeness and independence to a #2 year which features partnerships as well as cooperation and working with others.  The very night of my birthday my car broke down, and then broke down again later in the week, forcing me to call upon the help of others in a way I haven’t had to do for a long time, including the assistance of strangers and the entire week has been very thematic in regards to both reliance and assistance of others.  The rest of this personal 2 year will likely feature projects and partnerships with people to help further my practice and expand my reach, which is of course what I am working towards and is very much in sync with the burgeoning Aquarian age of community but “oy veh”, what a start!  Behold the power of numbers!!!

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