Psychic Readings

First and foremost a psychic reading is a tool for empowerment.  A typical reading will include accurate, specific information of past and present events as well as future “choice centered” predictions (“choice centered“ meaning that we shape our own futures through the choices that we make).  Most importantly a psychic reading with me will provide you with the proper guidance and insight you need to navigate through the changing currents of life as well as to create your ideal future in accordance with your free will and “Divine Law”.

Psychic Orbs

If I’m unable to pick up specific information about you within the first 10 minutes I will end the session and you will owe me nothing.

“Within every question lies it’s own answer, if you understand the nature of the question” – Adam F. Bernstein


It is a great, but challenging time on planet earth.  We are entering into a new age.  The “Aquarian Age”; a golden age of enlightenment.  Are you ready to make the leap?


A psychic reading may combine one or more of the following tools:

Straight Psychic Reading

A straight psychic reading is done without tools. Valuable, insightful information as well as past/present assessments and choice centered predictions comes to me directly through the psychic senses known as Clairvoyance (psychic “clear” seeing), Clairsentience (intuitive “knowing”) and clairaudience (psychic “clear” hearing). Some of the information that comes through in a psychic reading may be “channeled” from my Angels, my Higher Guides, my “Higher Self” and the Divine.

Tarot Card Reading

Historically speaking renaissance artist Benafacio Bembo is credited for creating the Tarot as a game (Tarocchi) in the 14th century. However, most metaphysical scholars who have studied the Tarot agree  that  the cards are much older than that, citing their medieval imagery along with their layers of  mystical symbology as evidence. They believe that the original Tarot combined the mystical wisdom of the Kabbalah with other holy texts, possible including the Bible and were most likely used as a tool for meditation and spiritual awakening. Perhaps this I why Tarot Cards have been the favorite tool for psychics for the last 40 years.

Tarot Cards are said to contain the mystical keys of life and within them the totality of human experience is contained. By reading the Tarot the symbolism of the cards can enhance the intuition and provide greater structure to a psychic reading.

A Tarot Reading with me will include detailed accounts of past, present and possible future events. I will provide you with a sense of timing for things yet to happen as well as to provide specific answers to your questions. The greater value of a Tarot reading lies in the personal insight and the positive direction that it can provide.


Numerology is the science of numbers and it is used to analyze personal characteristics as well as to help determine the best path for individuals to follow in life. We live in a “numbered” universe and each number carries a specific vibration which effects us in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way. Numerology is an excellent tool for providing self awareness as well as for planning certain and specific future events. Numerology can also be used as a prognosticating tool as certain number combinations provide specific and predictable outcomes.  Because there is a mystical side to numbers numerology can help open up the psyche to greater intuitive awareness.

Palmistry/Hand Analysis

Palm reading is an ancient art used for character analysis and prognostication. Palmistry is presently used in main stream psychology because certain characteristics of the hand can reveal specific character traits.

The shapes, mounds and lines of your hands can provide insight into your personal nature and can serve as a “road map” of the direction your life is likely to take. Through hand analysis the timing and nature of important life changing events can be determined. Also the energy flowing in and around your hands can enhance intuition and provide the reader with psychic information as well.

Per NY State Law, all readings are for entertainment purposes only.